Application with Thai name when generate XML , App name was

Posted by tawatchai on 15-Mar-2016 00:08


When I define Application as Thai character it work OK. But when do generate XML. I expect to get Thai Alphabet Application Name  follow with version (xxxxxxxxxxxxx_v82.xml)  How can I fix this ? 

PS: This also impact to  PDF/XLs/DOC Download  from Rollbase application such as document template all Thai alphabetic character was disappear only extension file presented. 

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 15-Mar-2016 00:18

Hi Tawatchai,

Is your system locale also set to Thai?

I tried to extract application xml. I don't see blank, but it shows as "--------------------.xml".

I will get to you with more information.



Posted by Mani Kumar on 16-Mar-2016 05:42

I was able to reproduce the issue and can confirm you that this is a defect # 36793.

Will soon share information on when this will be fixed.



Posted by tawatchai on 17-Mar-2016 07:50

Please let me know , what version this will be release ?

PS: I'm going to UAT in this beginning  of April .



Posted by Mani Kumar on 17-Mar-2016 08:18

Hi Tawachai,

Fix for this defect is expected to be made available in the 4.2 release. (ETA end of April).


Posted by tawatchai on 20-Mar-2016 09:11

Hi Mani,

Thank for info. Please also include  similar scenario about document template as Thai character name also. It will be behave same as App name,



Posted by Mani Kumar on 22-Mar-2016 01:14

Hi Tawachai,

I've updated the defect and the fix will include below scenarios  :

1. Generate application xml returning blank app name ( "_v2.xml ")

2. Document Template returning blank name ("pdf")

3. File downloads returning blank name.



Posted by Manooj Murali on 22-Mar-2016 01:19

To add to mani's post, we are also fixing issues with 'Export to xls/xlsx/csv' from the list view when the object name has thai characters. All these fixes will make into 4.2 scheduled in April.


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