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Posted by navjot on 11-Mar-2016 04:20

hello all,

how can i map a grid view data of one object into another object.

please help.


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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 11-Mar-2016 12:19

Hi Navjot,

Please help me with the below information.

Do you want to save the grid view data of one object to another unrelated object?



Posted by navjot on 14-Mar-2016 00:23

hi Shiva,

No, i want both object are related using data mapping conversion after that when a create trigger fired data of one object ( grid data also ) have save in another Object .

thanks .

Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 14-Mar-2016 04:41

Hi Navjot,

Thanks for the clarification.

Let's break this into an example.
Ex: Assume we have A,B and C objects of which A and B are related as 1:M and C is a unrelated object.

In the create new record page of A we have grid control of B.(As shown in below screenshot)

Now we can map the Grid Data in object A to B(related) as well C(which is unrelated), this can be achieved in two ways.

1) Create a conversion map in object B against object C. And,once conversion map is ready create a trigger of type create new record and include this conversion map. Now whenever a record is created in B then the same record is been created in Object C.

2)Create a object script trigger and call Server Side API as follows.

rbv_api.createRecord("C_object", {name:'{!name#text}'});

The above call does the same job as the previous method .

Attaching app.xml for your reference I have created this app using method 1.

Please let me know If this fit your requirement.



Posted by navjot on 18-Mar-2016 07:22

hi Shiva

how can i hide my Workflow action , let's have an Example i am  creating a workflow action name "Submit" and i click on "Submit" , my Submit workflow action should be hide..

any help..?


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