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Posted by IramK on 08-Mar-2016 09:58


If there are more records in a records list view page and when I try to sort by clicking on one of the column headings or when I navigate between records list view pages, then there are multiple loading animations being shown. There should always ever be only one animation for loading. Could someone let me know when this could be fixed please?



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Posted by Mani Kumar on 09-Mar-2016 05:50

Hi Iram,

I have logged a defect # 36001 for this and will get back to you on the fix information.



Posted by IramK on 09-Mar-2016 06:53

Thanks Mani. Shall wait for your response.



Posted by IramK on 27-Jun-2016 06:46

Any updates on a fix for this mani?

Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 01-Jul-2016 09:05

yes it is available in the 4.2 release

Posted by IramK on 01-Jul-2016 10:54

Hello [mention:84d458308cc54f429f660536194c00ae:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ,

I have checked in Version 4.2 and it is still showing multiple loading animations. This usually happens when you click on one of the column headers to sort.


Posted by IramK on 31-Aug-2016 04:09

This hasn't been fixed. Any plans to fix this?


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