Is it possible to disable trigger when do call API bulkCreat

Posted by tawatchai on 07-Mar-2016 05:03

Do we have any chance to disable trigger while loading bulk data ?

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Posted by AkArora on 07-Mar-2016 06:00

You can unselected the deploy trigger option, while bulk uploading.

Posted by tawatchai on 08-Mar-2016 07:11

Hi Akarora,

Is this only way to do, I don't want to modify the deploy trigger, it can be error if after finish bulkcreate and we forgot to put some back.



Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 08-Mar-2016 08:06

Hi tawatchai,

Right now, bulkCreate REST API doesn't include 'Import Mode' option which is available in UI.

We need to enhance this API to serve the same.

If we have 'Import Mode' parameter and if we select 'Bulk' option in that parameter then the triggers will not get executed.

Please raise a request in Ideas section.

Thanks and Regards,


Posted by Manooj Murali on 15-Mar-2016 05:05

Hi -

We have enhanced the API to accept importMode parameter as well and it should be available for you in Rollbase v 4.2 which is scheduled this April end.


Posted by tawatchai on 15-Mar-2016 11:14

Hi Murali,

Thank you for your update.

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