How to trigger Workflow Action one by one by approvers in Ro

Posted by AkArora on 07-Mar-2016 00:49

Hi guys,

I am trying to make an application in Progress Rollbase platform,

can anyone help about:

- How to configure approver action module in Rollbase in a way that it shows request only to immediate approver only(Not All Approvers at once selected for Approval of request) i.e. After approval of first, it should be ready for approval for second approver in the list.

- Second issue i am facing is how to get approval from same two persons(Approvers) twice at two separate stages of approval of same request?

Any help regarding this will be appreciated.

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Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 14-Mar-2016 01:39

Hi Ak,

I am looking into this, should have something on it soon.

Just to clarify, do you want second approval too to be sequential one after other, just like first approval process.

According to my understanding, you are looking out for below usability :

For two users as Approvers, User A and User B. There's a single request : Request A.

Then, Action: "Approve or Reject"  is first exposed to only User A, if he approves it's exposed to User B. Then, we again reiterate for "Approve or Reject -Stage 2" for User A, then User B. If we get total of 4 approvals this way, Request A is "Approved" or if at any stage, anyone rejects, Request A is "Rejected"



Posted by AkArora on 15-Mar-2016 13:42

Thanks for replying..

Yes, my requirement is somewhat similar you have explained:

In Stage First - Request A will be exposed to user A, then after approval, it will exposed to User B(As written by You).

In Stage Second - Request A will be exposed in parallel way to User A and User B both.

Till now, I have made Another Action for Second Stage Approvals and assigned it to "Approved Status". Am i going in right direction or a new process should be made for Second Stage?

Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 16-Mar-2016 09:58

Hello Ak,

Answering your first question : [Sequential/Parallel/Tally] options are available by default.

If we need to Setup Approval Process for Object: Request A,

then We can go to Request A -> new Workflow Action -> Type: Start Approval -> Process Type: Sequential/Parallel/Tally

Coming to your second question,

So, maybe we can create two Workflow Actions on 'Request A': "Action-Seq" and "Action-Parallel"

Then go to 'Request A': Workflow Status: Created and attach "Action-Seq"

Then go to 'Request A':Workflow Status: Approved and attach "Action-Parallel"

Limitations :

1. We need to manually click on "Action-Parallel" once "Action-Seq" is Approved.

2. "Action-Parallel" remains clickable (Someone can repeat Step-1 and restart whole approval parallel all over again) even after completing one run of its parallel approval.

Please give me some time and I should have some update on cleanly completing Question 2 of yours.



Posted by AkArora on 16-Mar-2016 11:17

Hi Nitin,

About First Question: I have used Sequential process type in my workflow action. The mail is going sequentially in this as desired. But Request A  is exposed to both Approves at a time. i.e. it shouldn't exposed to second approver in sequence before Approval from first.

About Second Question: I have already did the same thing you have suggested. The "Action-Parallel" at Approved status is always available to me. Still finding a way to correct that.

Is there any possibility that at "Approve or Reject" Page, somehow i make a new button like Complete or Close Request?

I also want "Reassign" option there, so that if any mistake by previous approver in sequential workflow, it should be reassigned to him for approval.

Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 17-Mar-2016 02:14

Hi Ak,

Sequential Approval getting exposed to all Approvers on List is a reproducible bug in New UI , which I have logged under #36914.

About other Issues you have raised, I will also be working from my end and reach back to you in case, i get some viable options.

Approval Type comes pre-defined in Rollbase and most of the processing happens Server-Side. Thus, we have limited functionality exposed to change/modify from Client-Side. However, I will reach back to you soon on this.

Thank You for your Time and Patience,


Posted by AkArora on 17-Mar-2016 10:59

Thanks for Reply..

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