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Posted by dubosegriffin on 01-Mar-2016 08:24

Good Morning,

I have set-up user specific access to our tenant zones using the many to many relationship between tenant zone and user. Please see this post for the background (

This solution is working well for us except I am having an issue that seems to be random. The attached tenant zones are detaching from the users. It is across multiple users and multiple tenant zones, and again seems random. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts as to why this would occur?

Thank you,


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Posted by Mani Kumar on 02-Mar-2016 01:21

Hi DuBose,

Can you please help me with below information before I could proceed further with troubleshooting this issue:

1. Does your triggers have any attach() or detach() script methods?

2. Are you anyway exceeding the "Max Users" limit per tenant? / Any error message related to max users?



Posted by dubosegriffin on 02-Mar-2016 09:01

Hi Mani,

Thank you for reaching out. So a couple clarification points, the object that we are discussing is the customer zone object in our master zone, and there are no detach/attach script methods on this object. The other object that is involved in this problem is the User object (users in the master zone, not customer zone subscribers). There are also no attach/detach script methods on any trigger for the User object.

For your second question, the max user limit per tenant zone (customer zone) has no bearing on this because we are having problems with the detachment of master users from the customer zone in the master zone, not the detachment of subscribers from within the customer zone itself.

Hope this helps.


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