HTTP Status 500 - Value of HTTP parameter selLang is too lar

Posted by caylali on 25-Feb-2016 18:59

Hi Team,

I am trying to login the private version which used to work fine via http://localhost:8830/router/login/loginPrivate.jsp

but I suddenly get an error message today..anyone experienced the same before?


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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 25-Feb-2016 19:44

In shared properties file of your installation look for MaxHTTPParamLength entry.

Make sure its a large enough number like 80,000 or more.

Posted by caylali on 25-Feb-2016 20:24

Thanks Anoop, but it worked without me updating the properties. I don't know why, and I tried to restart the service 3 times, the first two times it doesn't work, but the 3rd time it worked...

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