4.0.5 setPermissionsByRole example

Posted by mihai.pintea on 24-Feb-2016 02:34

We have tried to use this new method setPermissionsByRole that is available from RB 4.0.5, but we are stuck at the call. We want to try a SOAP-UI call but could not figure how to send the parameters. Could anyone help us with an example on how to use it?

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Posted by satyanarayana sunku on 24-Feb-2016 02:46


setPermissionByRole API is available for only REST . Its not implemented for SOAP. Please find below documention link for how to use this API.


Posted by mihai.pintea on 24-Feb-2016 03:03

SOAPUI also support REST calls, what I need is an example of using the method.

Posted by Manooj Murali on 24-Feb-2016 03:07


This call would set the view & edit permissions for the role on the field identified by its id.

Posted by satyanarayana sunku on 24-Feb-2016 03:15


We can use this API for to set permission on different entity types such as application,object,field,workflow actions,menu,chart. and Its POST type request.

Below is the sample url to invoke this API for application entity type.  We can use same for other entity types.

localhost:8830/.../setPermissionsByRole Id>&entityType=application/field/menu...&entityId=<application org id>&permissions=view

Please let me know if you still have issue to invoke this API



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