Posted by HosnyA on 22-Feb-2016 11:53

We are planning to move to a Linux based installation and found that Rollbase has a EC2 AMI in Amazon Marketplace ( Would you be able to answer few questions regarding this image please?
1. Is this image maintained to the latest version?

2. Is it a standard Linux/Apache/Tomcat installation

3. Does it support SSL?

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Posted by murali on 22-Feb-2016 12:16
Hosny, it is a discontinued offering. It does not run in clustered mode either. You should not look to use it.  
Posted by Thierry Ciot on 22-Feb-2016 14:23

Just to be clear, the EC2 AMI is a discontinued offering but we certainly continue to support RB on Linux.  So there shouldn't be any issue for you to install the latest private cloud kit on an EC2 instance.


Posted by HosnyA on 23-Feb-2016 03:08

Noted. Thank you!

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