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Posted by mysteryminds on 22-Feb-2016 09:54


I have a small query to display the sum of values based on conditions 

ONE 30
ONE 250
ONE 300
580 960

Above you can see the example which it shows in views 

I would like to show only the total only if the condition = one in my PDF template 

This is the precise example I can show for now - can some one please suggest

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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 23-Feb-2016 03:01


I would suggest you to create a new view and use group by "Account type" when defining the view.It will group all records which has account type as "Installation" and will display the respective totals of records .

Regards, Shiva

Posted by mysteryminds on 24-Feb-2016 09:05

thanks for the reply shiva... Well will lots of trial and error I got to find a way to do things without even  doing...

I have created a single line code which would get me the values based on the conditions

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