4.0.4 - rbv-api.updateRecord() not calling on update Trigger

Posted by Meryk on 19-Feb-2016 06:51


I have a trigger that runs on update of a field let's call it fieldA.

At the end of that trigger, I am updating fieldA again, using rbv.api_updateRecord(), and expecting this trigger to run again, as explained here :


The Object Script API invokes triggers on create, on update and on delete the same way as the Rollbase user interface does. 

I have done a lot of testing, and only thing I can see here is that this trigger is not running again when the field is updated with updateRecord() api. Is that an issue please? 

This was working in 3.2 by the way.

Thank you


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Posted by Nitin Kumar Singh on 24-Feb-2016 04:55

Hi Meryk,

I created Trigger [Type: Update Field Value], and included rbv_api.updateRecord() in Trigger's Formula Script. Also, i gave return Value to update the 'Field to Change' of 'Record', all configured on Trigger Def Page.

So, I noticed rbv_api.updateRecord() to run and update values.

The Trigger itself updates the Field Value.

However, this trigger was not being run again via rbv_api.updateRecord. The trouble is, we have a check in place as documented here : 



Per triggering event, the same group of triggers, for example those timed to occur after an update, will not run twice on the same record.


Per triggering event, each trigger only runs once on each record.

The trigger is indeed being called as part of updateRecord() but is not allowed to run, as Triggers of type : Before Update/ After Update has already been run once (As part of User initiated update from UI - Edit Page).

Hope this helps.



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