Enabling classic UI for selected new customers/tenant?

Posted by ithrees on 19-Feb-2016 00:45

Hi All,

Currently I noticed that we can enable classic UI for ALL the new customers/tenants by enabling 'AllowClassicUIForNewTenants' option in the shared.properties file. Is there anyway that we can only enable this for selected new customers while creating them while others do not have?

The reason for the request is, to deploy an application that is developed in Rollbase version 3 using jQuery UI widgets such datepicker, dialog and etc. And some scripts which uses the UI element selectors also do not work correctly. Converting all these components to Kendu UI will cost a lot. So if we can enable this classic UI option the tenants who is going to deploy this application that would be the best thing to do.

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 19-Feb-2016 01:33

There is no such option Ithrees, and I can't think of a workaround other than SQL queries on the DB. We tried to accommodate as many options as we could envision with the upgrade from classic to NUI, but apparently we never hit your case. :)

jQuery UI widgets should still work in NUI, as kendo UI comes bundled with jQuery. Do you see any issues with their co-existence? We would like to solve that for you, if there is. The scripts used to select UI elements will need to change due to Kendo-fication of the UI, but I assure you, in doing so you will be moving towards a better way of accessing elements. Also, the team is coming up with a client-side SDK for such tasks which will help you to move away from plain html/jquery manipulation of UI to simple rollbase function calling.

Let me discuss with PM if there is a possibility to address your scenario.

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 19-Feb-2016 02:37

As stated by Santosh, you can continue using jQuery UI widgets in New UI pages.

However, as we are now packaging KendoUI library for NUI, jQuery UI library is NOT included by default anymore in NUI pages. You will need to add JQuery UI library reference yourself  by adding a custom header/footer with a script element referecing JQueryUI library (probably cdn link). Just ensure that it is compatible with jQuery 1.9.1.


<script src="ajax.googleapis.com/.../jquery-ui.min.js" />

Would also encourage you to explore & utilize Kendo UI library resources going forward. In Rollbase NUI pages, an all  inclusive Kendo UI library package is made available.

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 19-Feb-2016 02:56

Incorrect  URL shared earlier, protocol scheme missing.

<script src="ajax.googleapis.com/.../jquery-ui.min.js" />

Posted by ithrees on 19-Feb-2016 04:20

Thanks Santosh and Siraj.

Its giving me errors with the new UI and referencing the jquery UI library doesn't help as well as there could be compatibility issue with the latest jquery version.

I prefer to move everything to new UI gradually in future. Thank you both again.


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