4.0.4 - getKendoConfig on a Link lookup Field

Posted by Meryk on 18-Feb-2016 08:27


I have a lookup field displayed as a picklist on a QC page. I want to filter this picklist.

For that I am getting the ul elements and using the dataSource to filter. Basically this :

var listItems = rbf_getFieldContext('fieldIntName').getKendoConfig().ul.children();

var dataSource = rbf_getFieldContext('fieldIntName').getKendoConfig().dataSource.options.data;

This was working fine. But now this lookup field is a link lookup on another field. And what's happening is that both listItems and dataSource are undefined now.

Even rbf_getFieldContext('fieldIntName').getKendoConfig() is undefined.

It has obviously something to do with the link lookup? Is that an known issue ?

Thank you


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Posted by Shiva Duriseati on 19-Feb-2016 00:08

Hi Meryem,

When the style of look up field is "picklist" then both listitems and dataSource objects are been defined. But when the same lookup is used with "selector" then "dataSource" object is getting null. It is an issue. I will update you with an ETA very soon.

Thanks for bringing to our notice.

Regards, Shiva

Posted by Meryk on 19-Feb-2016 08:05

Hi Shiva,

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure this is answering my question. I am NOT using a SELECTOR lookup field at all here.

The lookup field is always rendered as a PICKLIST, but then when we make it a link lookup/main lookup on another field, the listItems and dataSource are empty as explained in my first post.

Does this make sense now?



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