How to disable a workflow action based on a field

Posted by caylali on 17-Feb-2016 00:36

eg, when it reach a status with a follow up action "Approve", which should only be enable for user group "manager". For other users, we'd like to grey this option out or not display it at all. Can it be achieved? Thanks.

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Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 17-Feb-2016 02:38

You can set the permission on the workflow action for the specific action. Then the button is only visible for the user with the specific role.

Posted by caylali on 19-Feb-2016 00:09

Thanks Aede. but what if it is not based on user.

eg, a service desk ticket object, when it is at "Open" status, when the field "priority" is "Critical", we will enable the action "escalate to manager directly"; but when the "priority" is "Low", we disable the action.

Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 22-Feb-2016 02:18

Hi Caylali,

You can also add a condition formula on the workflow action. For example:

if ( "{!priority}" == "Critical")

 return true;

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