Posted by clga29261 on 16-Feb-2016 22:45

I have lookup field and text field.

Upon creation of record. i need to pass the id of lookup field ID.
when editing, changing new value in the lookup field no problem at all. it gives the lookup ID.

the problem is, when i click the selector page and select same value. 
example: before editing, the value of lookup is "hello" and pass the id to text field. when selecting same lookup value. after saving, it gives -1 to the textfield and emplty to lookup. 

is there a solution, when i changed the value to the same value it gives the correct ID not -1.

or how to customize the selector list, where lookup selected is not in the list?


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Posted by Vimalkumar Selvaraj on 16-Feb-2016 23:20


Just trying to understand your scenario, correct me if I am wrong. You have object which has some relationship with another object. You created record by selecting some value "X" for a lookup field. Again you try to edit the value you are re selecting the same Value "X" for lookup field which actually clear of your existing selection and give you related object id is "-1" ?.

Please refer this community link, your first issue looks similar to below one and we fixed them for 4.0.6 release.


Please let me know if your case is different than mentioned above.

For your second question we don't have support for hiding selected items from Selector list but we have them in our list to implement. We will let you know when it is implemented.



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