Text area in view page breaks off the text display

Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 15-Feb-2016 10:25


I'm not sure if this is bug or expected behaviour so I'm posting it here:

In the edit page text what is entered is nicely rendered in the rich text editor:

But when it is displayed on the view page, it is not entirely visible:

We would like to display all the text on the view page in the same formatting as on the edit page.

Is there is workaround for this?

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 16-Feb-2016 00:20

Hi -

Which version of Rollbase do you see this problem on? I just tested this scenario on our latest Rollbase 4.0.5 release and it works fine (i.e. I can see the text without it being truncated).


Posted by Vimalkumar Selvaraj on 16-Feb-2016 00:59


We fixed this issue on 4.0.4. Can you upgrade to 4.0.4 and see if that works?.



Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 16-Feb-2016 02:41

Hi Manooj / Vimalkumar,

In our development environment (updated yesterday to 4.0.5) I can see that it is fixed! Thanks for the info!



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