Keep loading and not displaying all my activities

Posted by caylali on 14-Feb-2016 23:07

Not sure whether it is the right place to ask this question. When I tried to view my previous post on the community, the page kept loading but not displaying any of my other activities. I had the same issue before, it happened intermittently.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 15-Feb-2016 06:33

Hi Cayla,

Thanks for raising to our attention this issue and sorry for the possible inconvenience. As a matter of fact, we have reported it to our community platform vendor a few weeks ago. Our vendor has been able to duplicate it but, until now, unfortunately we still do not have a solution or even an acceptable workaround. Hopefully it will get resolved soon.

Posted by Jean Richert on 18-Feb-2016 01:28

Hi Cayla,

Good news! We should have a fix within the next couple of weeks on our production system but first we need to carefully test it prior to deployment.

Posted by Jean Richert on 01-Mar-2016 10:07

Hi Cayla, a quick note to let you know that we have now deployed the fix and you should be able to look at your past activities.

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