Unauthorized Error encountered in Twilio Integration

Posted by mansaydirect@gmail.com on 14-Feb-2016 22:56

We are integrating the Twilio API in the Rollbase. We have an Object script that will send request to Twilio via json request. Everything is working on a browser session, and the same are used in RB, then it fails.

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Posted by Pradeep Kagithalagudem on 15-Feb-2016 23:57


Try sending user name and password parameters instead of Authorization header.


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Posted by mansaydirect@gmail.com on 02-Mar-2016 01:49


I tried your advice but it doesn't work. Please see attached my trigger for the sendJSONRequest and the result that I got. I will attached also the response from twilio when I am requesting through web browser.

Posted by Pradeep Kagithalagudem on 02-Mar-2016 02:24

Please check your username and password, I think you are sending invalid username as 'username:password'.

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