How to create a lookup which links to two or more objects?

Posted by caylali on 14-Feb-2016 22:21

Hi Team,

I have a basic CRM scenario that  I haven't figured out how to build their relationships with Rollbase yet. 

1> We have 4 objects. "Lead" "Contact" "Reseller" and "Merchant".

2> When we create a "Lead", it will trigger to create a contact record as well. so "contact" and "Lead" is 1:1 relationship.

3> When we won a "Lead", it will be converted to either "Reseller" or "Merchant". Actually, Lead = Merchant + Reseller. so both Merchant  and Reseller have 1:1 relationships with Lead.

4> However, Merchant  and Reseller can have M:1 relationships with Contact.

Question:when I create a contact, I would like to have one field and only one field for me to look up which company it is associated with, this company could be a record in Lead or Merchant or Reseller, can I have a lookup linked to these 3 objects? I don't want to have another object called company to duplicate the data that we have already had.


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Posted by caylali on 15-Feb-2016 17:26

I think an alternative solution for this is to create a "company" field for contact, which could be an expression field or formula field, but still keep the relationship between contact and Lead/Reseller/Merchant. I am going to try that and if you have a better idea, please let me know. thanks.

Posted by caylali on 15-Feb-2016 17:49

It worked. Here is the code for the expression:

if ("{!R8917#text}" !== "") {

  return "{!R8917#text}";


else if ("{!R8926#text}" !== "") {

  return "{!R8926#text}";


else if ("{!R8908#text}" !== "") {

  return "{!R8908#text}";


else return "Not Linked";

Question: Is null defined in Rollbase? I tried to compare the related object with null but returns error; it only works when comparing the text with blank""?

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