Email sending rule for trigger which gets trigger from API c

Posted by on 12-Feb-2016 11:35

Wanted to understand the Email sending logic

Zone has mutiple IDs

1. API ID/Password(ID: APIAdmin) creates a contact and assgin(owner) the contact to owner ID:Mike

2. Contact calls the email trigger to send email.

Which email address it picks in From (Does it pick it up from API ID/Password of the createdBy/UpdatedBy or new assigned owner.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 15-Feb-2016 07:18

Hi Anu, I have pinged progress experts to further assist you. Sorry for the delay. Cheers!

Posted by Manooj Murali on 15-Feb-2016 07:19

Hi -

So, if I understand correctly you have a sendEmail trigger configured to run on creation of a contact. A send email trigger has "To" that can be configured to pick values from the current object i.e contact, or current user's email etc. So, please provide more context on how your trigger is configured to assist you further on your queries.


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