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Posted by caylali on 12-Feb-2016 00:42

Hi, Is there any best practice when trying to add new features to existing application? We'd like to test the changes before deploy to the production to ensure data integrity. Thanks.

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 12-Feb-2016 03:17

Hi Cayla,

Progress recommends that Private Cloud installations have at least one customer tenant to use as a sandbox for development and testing from which you can push updates/changes to production.

It is suggested not to use Master only for managing the sub tenants. However, you will be able to publish application updates easily from one to other customer/Tenant where the application is already installed.

For more information on this, please refer to below documentation URL :

Is this the information you are looking for? if not, please help me with more information.



Posted by caylali on 15-Feb-2016 00:19

Thanks Mani, does it mean if I am using the Hosted Cloud version, when I publish the application, it is open to other company to download; whilst if I am using the Private Cloud version, when I publish the application, it will only published to other tenants within my company, correct?

The first publish will only publish the seed records, whilst the subsequent push will not affect the existing records, but only push for the change for other components such as tabs, portals, etc. correct?

How to test that on the trail version as there are only 2 users allowed? 

Posted by Santosh Patel on 15-Feb-2016 00:29

Unless the published application is in Approved state (which doesn't happen without Progress's intervention today neither is it automated), it is not visible to other customers.

In private cloud you hold your own copy of the marketplace and any published applications are available within that private cloud instance only.

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