The phone number edited in-line will not be auto-formated

Posted by cayla on 09-Feb-2016 21:02

Hi guys, I found this should be fixed

But I still have the issue to auto-format the phone number when I entered the numbers in-line.

and also, when the trigger create another record in other object, the phone number is not auto-format either. 

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 09-Feb-2016 21:52

Hi -

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. I can confirm the behavior you see and it does seem to work fine on classic UI mode (in classic UI you will have to enter the value and tab out for it to format before clicking on save, but the similar behavior doesn't work in new UI). We will fix this.


Posted by Siddeshwar on 10-Feb-2016 00:15


We already have a defect logged for this(TP id :30381)



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