Is there a rollback function for deleting users?

Posted by caylali on 08-Feb-2016 18:33


I just deleted the admin2 user , is there a way to rollback? Thanks.

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Posted by caylali on 08-Feb-2016 18:35

BTW, is it limited to 2 users for the trial version. Can we have more users? Thanks.

Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 08-Feb-2016 21:50


Yes. It is limited to 2 users only for trail version. We have to have a license to get more users.

Regarding your first question:

We don't have a way to rollback.. But, you can create a user with the same login name again.

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 08-Feb-2016 23:11

Glad you need to go beyond the basic trial capabilities.

Getting more users for evaluation  is a product management decision.  I have forwarded your request to Ajay Sharma (PM).


Posted by caylali on 09-Feb-2016 17:25

Thanks Thierry.

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