Understanding Client Tenant Zone Users (Subscribers)

Posted by dubosegriffin on 03-Feb-2016 08:57

Good Morning,

I need a little clarification on tenant zone users (subscribers). Here is my question

In screenshots below, I have a tenant zone that shows two subscribers (Ben Wells and Riley Croft) while viewing the tenant zone details from the master zone. However, when I log into this tenant zone as a super user, I cannot find one of the subscribers, specifically Ben Wells. Why is this the case? The listview I am using to view the subscribers once logged into the tenant zone is not filtered in any way.

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 04-Feb-2016 00:05

Hi DuBose,

Are you using any custom changes to the Master Zone's "Customer List View" ?

I've tried it locally and is working fine. As in below SS, I've created 2 users for this customer and when I login as Master, I still see only 2 users not 1.

1. Customer list view : 

2. Users List view after logging in as Super Admin: 

Can you please check this also? Open the Customer record, and select Subscribers Tab and check how many subscribers it shows as in below SS: 



Posted by dubosegriffin on 04-Feb-2016 08:21

Yes I have looked where you have suggested. I think the issue is related to attaching and detaching subscribers from zones. I still do not understand the functionality behind detaching and attaching subscribers but when you use this functionality there seems to be a bug where if you attach a subscriber to a second tenant zone, it becomes kind of a ghost subscriber on the initial zone.

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