How to display the view's actual name

Posted by caylali on 02-Feb-2016 20:02

As the screen shot above, we have two views created, one is called "All Leads" and the other is called "WIP". However, when I was viewing the WIP view, it still shows "All leads" on the left side, is it expected? If so, how to display the actual view name, because it is a little confusing.  Thanks.

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 02-Feb-2016 20:46

The "All Leads" label you see is the section title and not the view name.
You can change this label in the page designer as in the example below.

Posted by caylali on 04-Feb-2016 19:00

Thanks Thierry. It makes sense.Is it possible to update the Section Title according to the view selection or it can only be a fixed text that I put in advance? Thanks.

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