Trying to create a clean new application leaving the old one

Posted by RustyPipe on 31-Jan-2016 00:29

After spending some time building an application, I realise that there was a lot of superfluous tables, thinking and code that I would rather not use.  I have therefore started a new application (rather than just a new version of old objects / relationships) leaving out the objects i don't want, but using new versions of the ones I do.  

I don't want to break the previous version, update or mess around with it and want to leave it "as is", i.e. as a possible test bench, if you will, that I may go back to.

I have started a new application therefore and I am making new clones of the old objects (showing new application name structure) and delete them from the old application, I then attach them to the new application and build the application and relationships / triggers from new.  I realise this is time consuming (being semi retired I have time)  but is it Inherently wrong for any software protocols or will it cause any future issues that I am not aware of yet?

Any idea comments gratefully accepted.    

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 01-Feb-2016 05:27

Hello John,

I would support your approach in a way, as one cannot maintain multiple versions of the same application on same tenant.

As far as the Objects and related attributes would have distinct ID’s and cloning would not affect or break anything (if it does, do let us know).

One thing to note, when you clone the Objects, with a trigger attached to, it would not modify the inner code of it. One should manually edit or make changes in the cloned trigger code.

Did you encounter any specific issue or difficulty while implementing?


Posted by RustyPipe on 01-Feb-2016 23:52


Many thanks for the reply and I have not encountered any issues so far.

Will keep you posted as I go.


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