[4.0.4] - Filtering and Group Actions on Selector Pages

Posted by Meryk on 25-Jan-2016 09:56


I need to do filtering on a selector page. But filtering looks completely disabled on selector pages.

Is that meant to work like that? And is there a way to enable it?

Another thing is the 'enable group actions', that we want on the selector pages as well, but same, is not there.

Same question here, how can we enable this please?



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Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 25-Jan-2016 12:31

Hi Meryk,

> Dynamic Filter is not available in selector page. It is working as designed.

If you want to have filters in selector page then create views by setting filter criteria and select them using view selector in selector page.

> 'Enable Group Actions' are not applicable for selector page. In my opinion, any such action will be useful in records list page only. May I know what the use case is?

Thanks and Regards,


Posted by Meryk on 26-Jan-2016 03:26

Hi Chandu,

Creating views and using them as view selector in the selector page is not what I want to achieve.

Here is the situation :

I want to attach contacts to a campaign for example. From the campaign I click on attach contact, on the selector page of contacts I want to filter by certain criteria, which may vary. These criteria will be up to the user, this is why we can't use view selectors.

So for example one user may want to attach all contacts with city equals to London for example. Whereas another user would want to attach all contacts related to a given account, etc... What we need is the availability to do a multiple select and then click attach.

I know this is not available right now on selector pages, but here is another post where I am describing the same thing :


Is that clear now? Please let me know if not.

Thank you


Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 27-Jan-2016 01:13

Hi MeryK,

Thanks for the explanation. I understood now.

We don't have dynamic filters option in selector page right now. It is by design.

Please raise a request in the Ideas section.

Thanks and Regards,


Posted by Meryk on 27-Jan-2016 09:23
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