Reminders for Event Attribute on Objects

Posted by jsniemi79 on 21-Jan-2016 08:53

I'm seeing some odd behavior on the reminders that come with the event attribute on an object.  We didn't want to use them, so we don't have fields on the new or edit pages for the user to change the settings. It appears they get set anyway as the users are seeing the reminders pop-up on their browser.  However, they are getting notifications when they login about meetings that are overdue from the prior day.  We have some batch scripts that update the status on these records to completed once the end time on the object is done.  It ends up a little odd to the user because it says complete and they get a notice that the event is overdue.

Is there a way to turn these off?  They don't really need them for this application.  Is there any configuration on these we can control or is it all driven by Rollbase?

Also, I added the fields on the page to see what the options were and the reminded checkbox was set by default on the new page.  That seems backwards too.

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 24-Jan-2016 23:15

Can you please share your application XML?

It would be easier to debug on your application as I couldn't reproduce the above behavior locally. Pop-up reminders should be displayed only once as per design.



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