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Posted by Chris Swanson on 19-Jan-2016 23:12

Hi all - it is possible to sort the Views list?

In another aPaas I have created apps that use many dozens of views, so alpha sort is critical to in order for the user to scan the list of views to quickly find the needed view.

I have created 4 views in my first Rollbase app (here's a screen shot)...  ...and I am finding that the views sort by last used. I would like them to sort in alpha ascending.

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Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 19-Jan-2016 23:29

There is no sorting available for the Views List. We can either Reorder them from the 'Object Definition' page, or set a default view from the 'Design page' of the view.



Posted by Chris Swanson on 20-Jan-2016 22:42

Thanks for the reply. You used the term "sorting"...To confirm, I am not looking for an "active" sorting capability where a user can sort the view names as needed, I am looking for a consistent behavior where the view names are always sorted in ascending order. Will either of the options you mentioned achieve that? If yes, is that something I can adjust? You used the words "we can either..." so I am thinking you were referring to yourself as a Progress team member. I would like to have the view names sorted and appreciate your guidance.

Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 21-Jan-2016 00:13

The view names are not sorted in ascending order. The latest view is listed as the first in the list view, this is the current behaviour. Once the complete list of views are created you can use the 'Reorder' option to arrange the views to appear in the way you wish to display them. The default view, allows the user to set a view that can be visited from any other view. Both these options mentioned do not achieve the 'sorting in ascending order'.



Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 21-Jan-2016 00:17

You can add the sorting requirement for views in the ideas section.



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