Sending Save the Attachments in different server

Posted by mysteryminds on 18-Jan-2016 09:17

HI All 
Is there a way to save the attachments to our custom location.

e.g: In my application I have some custom attachments which user has to upload... and the same data has to be manipulated from different applications.

So is there a way I can upload the file (e.g; to amazon location and the file reference can be saved in rollbase)

How it can help --> Once the user click on the file it would open the new window and open the file in AMAZOn and save it there, as a fact the reference of the file name with the path is only saved in rollbase

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 18-Jan-2016 20:04
And let us know if it helps with your use case.
Thanks, Thierry.
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