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Posted by on 16-Jan-2016 18:27

Do we have option to import Email templates manually to each zone instead of publishing as part of package.

I was looking for capability where we make the email template then import to each zone and let customer modify it.

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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 16-Jan-2016 23:22

There is no import as such. You have to create manually by copy pasting contents or import as part of app install/update.

Posted by on 18-Jan-2016 01:02

Here is the user case

1. We have 60 email template which we wanted to publish to each customer zone when setting up the environment, then allowing the customer to change the email template.

2. Now if its part of the package then it will override the customer changes.

3. If it not part of the package then manually we have to create this for every customer.

Possible solution

1. simillar to salesforce where they provide the tool to import the email templates

2. is it possibe to write the script which will call some API to insert the email template for task object?

Posted by Mani Kumar on 18-Jan-2016 01:22

Hi Anurag,

I've read thru your post and understand your requirements.

However, as Anoop informed, there is no such template only import handler/tool.

Request you to log an Enhancement request in our IDEAS section (


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