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Posted by HosnyA on 15-Jan-2016 08:37

Although the Date and Date/Time fields have the option to set a default of 'Current Date plus # days' this defaults the time to 12:00 AM for Date/Time fields and Time fields don't have a default option at all.

I am aware that this could be achieved through JavaScript.

However, ideally we should have multiple options to default the time in Date/Time fields and Time fields. Some suggestions are;

1. Current time

2. Current time plus/minus # minutes

3. Start of Next hour/half hour/quarter hour

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Posted by jsniemi79 on 15-Jan-2016 08:48

I agree completely.  It would also be nice to have a setting on the time to allow a range to be specified so you don't have to write code to limit the times selected to be during normal business hours.

Posted by murali on 15-Jan-2016 09:02

Can you post in ideas section?

Posted by HosnyA on 18-Jan-2016 03:10
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