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Posted by Chris Swanson on 14-Jan-2016 23:23

Hi All - Before I start the 30 day trial, I have a few questions about the Hosted version that I have not been able to answer using the Rollbase website or forum.

 - What is the minimum number of users allowed?

- What is the contract duration...month-to-month, quarterly, annual?

- What are the billing options...monthly, quarterly, annual?

- What is the cost of storing additional records? 

- Are there other limits or meters beyond users / files / records? I read on the forum that there is a small charge for portal users. How about limit or costs on transactions? I use an aPaas called LongJump and run into issues where they limit the number of data policies (triggers) a subscriber can run.

Thanks for any guidance,


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Posted by Mani Kumar on 25-Jan-2016 06:29

Hi Chris,

I believe someone from our marketing team should have already reached-out to discuss the same with you regarding the pricing and billing options.

However, for your self-reference on pricing, you could refer to the below URL : 

Also, regarding the number of users on Minimum Users should be 1 and maximum "active" users would be 5. The same would differ based on your licence type after upgrading from evaluation. 

Please find attached screenshot for more information on resources that would be made available for any trial user.

Let me know if you have any further queries.



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