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Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 14-Jan-2016 01:35

Hi all,

I had installed on-premise connector for public cloud rollbase a month ago to connect to data store through data direct cloud. After a month my data direct cloud expires. Now today Again i created a login credential on data direct cloud. For this I had to uninstall the previous on-premise connector and again i reinstalled on premise connector with the new login credential of data direct cloud. My question is When i install new on-premise connector and check the configuration for Status tab and click on test then  a red cross appears on Cloud connector Service. Service DDcloudOpCon is running failed.



Please suggest

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Posted by Karthikeyan Bhaskaran on 14-Jan-2016 03:46

Hello Shilpi,

This question and the .doc indicate that this question is about a fresh installation of DataDirect Cloud On-Premise Connector installation and independent of Rollbase.

May I request this post be moved to the DataDirect Cloud Community group?

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