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Posted by mysteryminds on 13-Jan-2016 08:48

I would like to create a regular field from a formula field.

The logic is that I would like to create a field from OBJECT X where its already a formula field 

OBJECT X  -  Field A -- FORMULA Field 

OBJECT Y - I need to Create a FIELD which is static  and create a trigger to update it thru trigger.. 

So can someone guide me how to create a field 

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Posted by jsniemi79 on 13-Jan-2016 09:14

This should be possible.  Once you create the static field on Object Y, you can use the standard update field value trigger with the timing you want to update your new field.  You can't use any select queries to get the value from your field on Object X because it is a formula, but assuming you have a relationship between X and Y, you can reference the token for the related object field and update appropriately.

If you need to update Object Y based on an event on Object X, you can add an object script trigger on Object X that runs the rbv_runtrigger api to set the value appropriately on Object Y.

If that isn't clear enough, please explain your scenario a little bit further and possibly post some of your current code and I'll be glad to take a look at it.

Posted by mysteryminds on 13-Jan-2016 10:30

HI thanks for the info...

I'm very novice with the product and also exploring RB... when ever is possible so I don't have any hands on experience on it.... So please accept my apology upfront that my understanding towards this subject is minimal, but I try my best to overcome the small challenges I might come across.

OBJECT A =  Field Price ( A + B + C - 2500) / 50

OBJECT B =  This is where I want to Create a static Field "Price" [ previously I tried doing a related field of OBJECT A, but it didn't work  - I will explain you futher below]

OBJECT C =  This is where my HTML templates are located.


OBJECT A has 1 to 1 relationship with OBJECT B and no relation to OBJECT C

OBJECT C to OBJECT B  - Many to single Relationship

So I would like PRICE variable to be part of the HTML template which I'm creating in OBJECT C

LOGIC  I'M planning to use

Create a Field in OBJECT B - not a related field

Create a Formula field in OBJECT C -  and use this field in the templates, as I have already tried creating the formula field of Related Field which is not working due to fact that the native field from OBJECT A is already a FORMULA Field

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