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Posted by tawatchai on 13-Jan-2016 06:06


I try to create report using HTML Report render as PDF option. We have specific custom page size. From PDF Options there are only 4 size for selected.  How can I define my page-size for my report.

Thank you.


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Posted by tawatchai on 13-Jan-2016 06:09

Please see attached Page-size selection in rollbase.

Posted by Mani Kumar on 13-Jan-2016 06:49

These are hard-coded values and cannot be custom set.

Posted by Mani Kumar on 13-Jan-2016 06:58

However, please log an Enhancement request in IDEAS section.

There could be a handler provided in the properties file to add more options in future.

- Mani.

Posted by murali on 18-Jan-2016 03:20

Hello Tawatchai,  what other page sizes are you interested in. I talked with Zac.L and we will improve the available selection.

Posted by tawatchai on 18-Jan-2016 04:33

Currently, for first priority, we need to produce report using 15" x 11" page-size . And if you also can let us do custom page-size that will be more flexible for further reports.

Posted by murali on 18-Jan-2016 05:39

Hello Tawatchai, is there a standard name for that page size?

Posted by tawatchai on 18-Jan-2016 06:25

Hi Murali,

I'm afraid that It has no standard name. This size of paper  was available for continuous paper use with dot-matrix printer.  

For continuous paper,it has 2 size 9.5" x 11" and 15" x 11".

How about "Continuous Paper 15" x 11" " ..

Posted by tawatchai on 18-Jan-2016 19:55

Hi Murali,

There is another page-size that need to put in my first priority  which is 4.3" x .5.5".  This is custom size for receipt pre-printed report. This size is not standard one but specific to my project.

Posted by Ranjana sinha on 19-Jan-2016 04:43

Hi Tawatchai,

We provide PD4Constants for the Dimensions. Currently only four out of the complete list is available as shown in the dropdown.

You can view the list of available Dimensions. Please check

As per the sizes one inch corresponds to 72 points. So 15" X 11" would be around 1080 X 792. Let me know if you can find any closest match in the link.

We are planning to provide custom size options. We have logged an enhancement for the same.


Ranjana Sinha

Posted by tawatchai on 12-Feb-2016 02:08

Hi Ranjana,

I cannot find any closet match from your link.

Could you please update about enhancement you did. When it will be release ?


Tawatchai Suktrakul.

Posted by Ranjana sinha on 13-Feb-2016 01:59

Hi Tawatchai,

We have story 31792 created in TeamPulse.

With this enhancement more PDF options are available for the page sizes and also there is an option in the dropdown "Custom". When you choose custom you can configure the height and width in inches as per your requirement.

The fix is due for 4.0.6 release.

Please let me know if you find issues.


Ranjana Sinha

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