Transaction timeout

Posted by on 12-Jan-2016 06:52

Getting transaction timeout mutiple times in last few days(Intermittent)


This happens while updating the user profile, contacts


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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 12-Jan-2016 06:57

We will look into this

Posted by on 15-Jan-2016 00:16

Any update?

We are getting today as well while updating the profile.


Once I get that error while profile update. I get the same error during login

Posted by on 16-Jan-2016 18:29

I keep getting the transaction timeout when updating the user profile. After that, I will have to wait for 5-10 min before this will start working again.

Posted by murali on 16-Jan-2016 21:26
Hi Anurag,
                Do you have any triggers defined on User Object? If yes, Can you share code?
                What is your Tenant Name?
Posted by murali on 16-Jan-2016 21:34
Can you log a support ticket? In addition, can you please ‘enable support access’ on the affected tenant and notify us?
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