Posted by clga29261 on 10-Jan-2016 23:33

Detailed Search form configuration, can you add additional operand?

The idea is  to remove all selected IDs in the lookup selector page.

example: i have 1000 records in selector page, i already select/attached the 50records, i want 950 records show and those 50records is already hide.

.. more power to RB

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 11-Jan-2016 10:16

Yes we have thought about 2 possibilities in record selection page:

1) As you suggest, once records are selected, do not show them

2) Add a column with a checkmark for records that are already selected.

Posted by clga29261 on 13-Jan-2016 18:58

Hi Sir Thierry Ciot,

many to many rel'ships.

from objA to objB

example. 2 records in objA,

first record on objA, can select all half of records in objB, when this records need to be updated, lookUp records is now half.

Second record on objA, can see all records on objB as lookup.

sir, can i insert another column, if those all records can see in all records in objA?

those records can filter by "NOT IN" i think, per record. not the entire table.

hope you get my idea. hehe

thanks sir..

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