[Enhancement Request] Allow Changing Send From Address for E

Posted by Frank S on 23-Dec-2015 15:21

Presently, each customer instance allows a default send from email address and the system plugs in the current user's name. I would like to request the ability to define the Send From option per trigger and when sending using the "Send" more actions function.

Even if options were limited to "Default User" or "Current User" this would help because we need to be able to send bounced messages back to the user who sent them. This is not currently possible because the messages go back to the default user's address which is a customer instance setting.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 24-Dec-2015 04:27

Hello Frank,

Our Community members have a place where products ideas can be suggested as well as others then are able to vote for. It would be great if you could report your suggestion in our Ideas section.

To do so:

- First, please go o to our Community Products Enhancement group available at community.progress.com/.../ and join the group

- Then, as your suggestion is related to Rollbase, go to community.progress.com/.../rollbase and report your idea

Doing so others will then be able to vote for your suggestion

Many thanks in advance.

Posted by Frank S on 24-Dec-2015 10:20

Thank you for the directions and I apologize for posting in the wrong forum. I posted a new topic in the Enhancement forum separate from the existing topic to change the send from "name" as I am specifically concerned with the send from address for bounce reasons.

I have posted my enhancement at community.progress.com/.../allow_changing_send_from_address_for_emails_per_triggersend

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