[4.0.4] rbf_setFieldDisabled behavior

Posted by Meryk on 23-Dec-2015 10:29


I am using rbf_setFieldDisabled('intName', true/false), and just realized the following behaviors :

- The field is emptied before being disabled  => Which is good.

- The onchange events of this fields are running => Which is not good.

Can you please confirm this is how rbf_setFieldDisabled works? 



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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 23-Dec-2015 23:49

Meryem, can you please re-confirm this behavior. And also share the field type for which you are seeing such an issue.

If the field is being explicitly emptied or unset, then a change event will fire. However, am not sure disabling a field will also force an unset.

Posted by Meryk on 24-Dec-2015 03:31

Hi Siraj,

Yes I am seeing this behavior with a lookup field rendered as a piclklist (a one relationship). So when I disable this field using rbf_setFieldDisabled() it is both emptied and disabled.

I also have another lookup field rendered as a selector (a many relationship), and rbf_setFieldDisabled only disables the field without emptying it.

Not sure if this is related to how the lookup is rendered (picklist or selector) or to the type of the relationship (one or many).

Also we are on a QC page.



Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 24-Dec-2015 08:23

Meryem, am not able to reproduce this issue for lookup field rendered as picklist in QC page.

Can you please double-check that you do not have any rogue script on the page that is emptying this field.

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