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Posted by IramK on 10-Dec-2015 04:29


I have added a Detailed Search component onto the record list page of an object and after a perform a search, click on a record and click on the "Back to List" button, this takes me back to the search results list page, however I would expect it to take me to the actual list page rather than the search results list page. Also the Modify Search and Clear Search appear to be missing on this page. Is this a known issue? Kindly let me know.



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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 10-Dec-2015 04:57

Hi IramK,

Back to list is expected to take to search results list page. Its by design.

And Clear search and Modify search buttons are appearing fine in version.

Which theme you are using and which version of rollbase?

Can you share screenshot?



Posted by IramK on 10-Dec-2015 05:06

I'm using version and it does the same in all themes. I have been able to reproduce this in a way that: if the header is different to the current object, then it works fine but if the header is same it doesn't work.



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