Can you hide group actions in menu on list view in New UI?

Posted by jsniemi79 on 09-Dec-2015 13:34

I have a default workflow process and a custom workflow process option our tenants can use.  If they use the custom workflow process, any actions that do not pertain to stauses in that process should not be shown to the end user.  however, I noticed that I am able to see a group action in the menu on the list view.  If you look at the screen shot below, you will notice there are two options called "Flag for Follow up".  One of these will change the record to a status on the custom workflow and one will change it to a status on our default workflow.  For this customer, none of the records in the list have the default status, so I am wondering if it is possible to get that group action to not display.  The default process is locked, so our customers can't override the options.  I'm in the private cloud, new UI, v4.0.3.2.

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Posted by Sri Harsha on 16-Dec-2015 01:05


Rollbase automatically populates all the workflow actions which are marked as "group action" in the above menu. This happens irrespective of the status/process of the selected records in the grid.

So unfortunately, there is no direct way to achive what you have asked.

I am assuming the application is published as "Fully Locked". So, to workaround this either the application needs to published as 'Partially Locked" with only the workflow action as 'unlocked' or the customer needs to do javascript scripting to hide/disable the action.

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