Issue with rbf_setLookupFilter in New UI v4.0.3.2 Private Cl

Posted by jsniemi79 on 09-Dec-2015 10:57

I am using the rbf_setLookupFilter api to filter contacts related to my account in the new UI.  The filter seems to be setting itself appropriately when the value of my account is changed.  If I use the search window, my results are appropriately filtered to the contacts related to that account.

However, when I just start typing in the name of one of the contacts related to that account, the values being matched are from other accounts as well. 

I would have expected it only to return the values that matched that were also filtered the account selected.  Is this a known issue and if so, can you tell me when you expect it to be fixed?

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 11-Dec-2015 00:20

Hi Jason,

All the lookup field filter related issues have been resolved in 4.0.4 which is due for release this weekend.

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