Way to Read a Text file and load

Posted by mysteryminds on 01-Dec-2015 03:55


Can anyone tell me a way to read the text file and load the data to the relative fields 

My example would be like below 


01  FirstName        Last Name                             Age                PIN
02  Address 1                                                                           Address2
03  Tel No: 123243543               Fax:5534543534                       Email: Xyz@yahoo.com    
04  JOB Location : main street, richard Mark Lane,  Texas
05  Job Location 2:  Wilson Mark Palace Street, High Close2, Dublin

Now when i load this file  I would like to read the file and load the data to respective fields like First Name, Last Name, Age, Pin  will be saved in the respective fields... 

Kindly guide

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 01-Dec-2015 04:22

Hi -

Rollbase supports data import via xls/xlsx & csv files. So, you can turn your txt file into either of these and follow the steps mentioned @ documentation.progress.com/.../


Posted by mysteryminds on 01-Dec-2015 04:38

This is the sample file which we need to load and read them 

Posted by Manooj Murali on 01-Dec-2015 06:23

Unfortunately, Rollbase cannot read txt files like these. You will have to convert them into a csv, xls/xlsx and use the import feature to import the records. It has to be structured so that the first row has the column names that you can use to map to Rollbase object's fields & the following lines will have the data that needs to go into each record. Each line after the first line will be used to create one record each in Rollbase.

Posted by mysteryminds on 01-Dec-2015 09:11

but unfortunately we have no other choice than having this file uploaded directly.

I was thinking of something like create a new object where I would upload the file

Split the fine with \n line  and create a substring function to copy and paste the values...

Do you think something like these work well to input...

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