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Posted by doghousedev on 30-Nov-2015 17:04

We are looking to migrate to hosted cloud RB and I wanted to get some details. I've scoured the documentation, but not sure I see a clear answer, so I am asking you guys.  BTW - I am pretty impressed with many of the features and the UI.

1) We still need printed paper for things like Service Tickets, Purchase Orders, Packing Lists, Invoices.  Does RB have any facility to produce printed documents like this?  These are not the same thing as a report listing of the object data.  They are printed documents with headers, footers,  1 to many line items, subtotals and grand totals, pagination, etc.

2) Is there anyway to have the related objects appear as tabs instead of collapsible sections?  In the main object you can have many tabs, but i saw no option to all the related objects to be shown as tabs or sections (as they are now).  Can this be overridden using the UI and JS?  Is it on the roadmap?

3) Is it possible to have a custom side bar menu for our users instead of the tabs at the top?

4)  Can you add a custom library to the cloud hosted RB to support things like Barcode printing, and On screen signatures (like JSignature) and save the signature as an image?

5) Are there any provisions to allow storage of documents on DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Azure or other cloud hosts?

6) Is it possible to add custom action buttons on the form itself? Or as a menu at the top for common functions like Print - Clone - or other custom functions/components we could add as out needs expand?

7) We currently have a JSP page  (which is displayed on screen) that provides estimated vs actual costs for the project. It is a JSP page the queries the object data using SQL and formats the results. The output is formatted as HTML/JSP and presented to the user and is realtime data.

8) Can reports be scheduled for delivery at various times and to various groups - auto delivery?

9) Can you setup triggers to fire based on calendar date and time - for instance : "At 1:00am on 2nd Wednesday of the month,  send a thank you letter to all customers who have bought more than $100 this quarter"

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Posted by Santosh Patel on 01-Dec-2015 01:06

Dear Ron,

1. There is no out-of-box feature to print data on to printed documents like you suggested.

2. Please explore the page level tabs feature and see if that is what you are looking for. Check out

If not, could you pass some sample screens suggesting what you are looking for?

3. Not as of now. We are still working on enhancements to the New UI and this could be a possibility. Please post your suggestion in the ideas section.

4. You can add client-side javascript libraries as you please by adding them to the application's custom header and footer section OR add them as hosted files to the application to be included as required using template tokens.

5. We only support Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Check out

6. You can add buttons to pages that can direct you to another page or execute client-side javascript. Check out

7. Hosted cloud does not allow custom JSPs, private cloud does. Having said that, your scenario can be achieved by making ajax call to another service that gives back the data required.

8. Email templates can be created which can embed report bodies and then be sent using an email trigger with timing as you please.

9. We support a lot of timing options on triggers. If direct selections are not good enough for your case, every trigger type has a formula box where you can give complex calculations governing whether the trigger should run or not. Lot of helper tokens like getCurrentDate, data manipulation and other options are available.

Do get in touch with our sales team if you need help building POCs or migrating your apps to our platform.

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 01-Dec-2015 17:42
Additional answers from what Santosh already said.
In regards to:
Point 1), please check document template -
Point 3), you can create a custom sidebar but as far as having the menu navigation (what used to be called tabs) in the sidebar, this is certainly something that will be available in V4.1. Would you have specific requirements that we could integrate in the navigation?
Posted by doghousedev on 02-Dec-2015 10:27

Thanks for the replies!

Point 1)  I will look into that option.  I would assume I can make HTML pages execute the same way as JSP pages using Javascript and related RB functions.   I will have to dig into it a little deeper with my team, but the Word and Excel might work fine for our need.

Point 3) One of the UI enhancements I would like to see is the ability to include tabs under the Related Objects.  Having it sectional is means more scrolling and information is more centralized. Some of our related objects have more tabs.

Image link :

Posted by murali on 02-Dec-2015 13:48

Thanks for the suggestion.  An enhancement we have added to our backlog is the ability to  have 'Tabs at any point in a page'. So instead of a page being simply multi tabbed, the page could  start out as a plain multi-sectioned  'Details Page' and then have a Tabbed Pane after that.  So your page may be visualized as follows ( I made some slight edits to your layout )

What do you think?

Posted by doghousedev on 02-Dec-2015 19:03

Murali -  That's an interesting idea!

The tabs you relocated at the bottom are the tabbed sections of the master record.  So each tab on the top is more related the opportunity in this scenario.  The tabs at the bottom are the related links to the objects like links to the quotes associated to the opportunity.

I would prefer to have 'any tabs, anywhere' .  So if I wanted all tabs below , or some below and some above that would be great.  Generally I prefer the related objects tabs below.

I would also like to suggest the ability to right-mouse click and open the tab in a new window, or a pop-up window.

It would also be nice to allow the form design to use tabs or sections, and the ability to default the sections can start collapsed or expanded.

Posted by murali on 03-Dec-2015 11:32

OK Understood.  With the new feature, 'TabStrip'  would become a drag-droppable generic component from the Palette ( like sections ). So, you could drag drop them in a multi-tabbed page ( which would result in your layout and design ) or a simple page ( which would result in my variation ) .

Posted by doghousedev on 03-Dec-2015 16:21
that is a great tool!

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