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Posted by philip_perrin on 27-Nov-2015 17:51

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - I've looked around, but have not found what I'm seeking.

I'm trying to build a 'library style' search function on a portal page... The kind that has several text fields and a single search button - field like "Author", "Title", etc. However, on the search config for the detailed search, these fields are not available... I've selected these to be indexed, but to no avail. Any advice on what I may be missing, or if I need to custom build this instead of using the Detailed Search feature?



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Posted by Ankit Goel on 08-Dec-2015 07:18


The detailed search component does not work with Portals and that is why you do not see an option to configure search (adding fields like author, title etc).

It only works for an app built within Rollbase.



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