Exporting / Importing data from a Text file

Posted by mysteryminds on 25-Nov-2015 05:38


I would like to export data from the system to a text file / Import data from a text file to create new record / Update the record.

Can someone kindly guide me where and how to start..

How it should function 

In Record Details Page - Will have a button  EXPORT 
It will have to export all the details of the record - E,g 150 fields to one text file 

e,g : 

Name             Age                         DOB
Address 1                            Address 2
Telephone                              Fax
Email Address :
Company Address
Job Details                              YRS                                 DESIGNATION

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Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 25-Nov-2015 06:07


You can achieve it by following below steps.

> Create a document template using text file where provide all the field names and respective template tokens as you wish.

> Enable workflow attribute in the object.

> Create a workflow action of type 'Template Document' and select previously created template.

> Assign this action to default status 'Created".

> Create a record and go to record details page.

> You will find workflow action in more actions.

> Clicking on action will generate text output what you expected.

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Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 25-Nov-2015 06:39


I developed an app to explain the same.

And, for any details check the below doc link


Please find attached app xml file.

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