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Posted by chris13 on 25-Nov-2015 02:07

Hi, is there any way that i could update the field value of one table to another? it is like updating the quantity on the table when being added from another field table. Can anyone tell me what should i do?


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Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 25-Nov-2015 03:12

The tables need to be related. Then you can use triggers to do it.



Posted by chris13 on 25-Nov-2015 17:48

i have tried using that one but i got confuse on using the query. with so many field how could i specify which item should i update and so. i hope you could help.


Posted by Saraswathi Krishnan on 25-Nov-2015 22:15

can you share your xml and the fields you wish to update - explaining the scenario, we should be able to resolve it.



Posted by chris13 on 25-Nov-2015 22:15

hi saras! can you provide me a sample code for the trigger on updating one field to another with a specific data on the text box upon adding the new data thanks

Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 25-Nov-2015 23:44


I developed an app which deals with complex triggers and workflows. As part of this, I have covered the following cases

Case 1:  Update a record through UI. A few "On Update" timing triggers will get executed which will do following actions

> Update the related records

> Fetch all the related record values and then put it into the current record's field

Case 2: Clicking on workflow action will execute a trigger which will update the current record. Another trigger will get executed on update of a record which uses select queries to get all the related records information.

Please find attached app xml and check the TaskLock object for the above use cases.

Posted by chris13 on 26-Nov-2015 21:58


im trying this code in my trigger

var app = new QTY (rbv.api.SetFieldValue("Inventory_2.Quantity+Delivery_2.Quantity"));

UPDATE [Inventory].Quantity();

SET [Inventory].Quantity = Inventory.Quantity + Delivery.Quantity;

WHERE [Inventory].Item_code = Delivery.Item_Code;

but i ended up having the same error again and again which is

Error  "QTY" is not defined. (line #1) in formula:

Error  "UPDATE" is not defined. (line #1) in formula:

- See more at: community.progress.com/.../75903

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