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Posted by IramK on 24-Nov-2015 05:54


I have a filter on a View that fetches the records that were created in the last 60 days. When I create a new record and use this list view, the new record is not shown so I think the filter doesn't take into account "today". I think this is a bug. Could someone let me know if this has been known before? 



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Posted by Manooj Murali on 24-Nov-2015 06:15

Hi Iram -

This is works as designed at the moment. We can try and provide alternatives in the upcoming release. Can you please add this to the ideas section so that we can get this prioritized.


Posted by IramK on 24-Nov-2015 06:23

Thanks Manooj, I will create the request in the ideas section, however could you suggest to me an alternative solution that would allow me to perform this filter and cater for today's created records as well please?



Posted by IramK on 25-Nov-2015 05:27
Posted by Manooj Murali on 25-Nov-2015 23:51

Thank you. Unfortunately, I can't think of an alternatively standard way of achieving this at the moment.

Posted by HosnyA on 26-Nov-2015 05:31

Hi Manooj,

I don't understand why this is considered as a new idea/enhancement. I would consider this as a bug as logically the past # of days should include the current date, shouldn't it?



Posted by Manooj Murali on 26-Nov-2015 06:20

Hi -

We are calling this an enhancement because the tokens we have at the moment have worked the same way since they were introduced. This is why we are calling it functions as designed. I agree that it is an inconvenience but fixing the current set of tokens is going to bring in backward compatibility issues with other existing customer.


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