[Article] How to use Pivot Grid with Rollbase Objects

Posted by Vimalkumar Selvaraj on 21-Nov-2015 04:31

Many spreadsheet and business intelligence (BI) applications support pivot tables or grids to make it easy for end-users to visualize multidimensional data. You can provide similar functionality in a Rollbase application with the Kendo PivotGrid widget. The PivotGrid widget gives users the ability to display cross-tabular data in the way they choose to visualize it

We developed sample application in Rollbase that demonstrates how to use Pivot Grid with Rollbase objects.  Please use attached sample app.xml. After installation kindly look at "Introduction and Instructions" tabs to understand how this sample app works and how to use. Generate sample data and exercise functionality as described in the ""Introduction and Instructions"" tab. The generated data is more realistic if your tenant has more than one User record. If necessary, you should add User records manually before generating the test data.

I hope this helps.


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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 07-Dec-2015 13:31

Has anyone found this sample useful?

Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 09-Dec-2015 08:27

Hi Thierry, Vimal,

I've tried the sample, looks great, but we've haven't got a proper use case yet in which we could use this.

Currently we are working on an app in which I see some possibilities to use it but not yet implemented anywhere.

Posted by Vimalkumar Selvaraj on 10-Dec-2015 04:52

Thanks Aede.. Try out and let us know how it goes.. If you face any issue please let us know we are happy to help you..

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